Thursday, September 27, 2007

summer vacation is over...

Long time no see. I was very busy during summer vacation. I practiced dancing, worked, prepared school festival with my classmates and so on. Classes began on September 25. Last day of summer vacation, members of AGU in America 2007 met and ate dinner together. I had not seen and talked with most of them in Japan, so I feel funny. We talked memories in Maryland and recent conditions. We enjoyed the time.
Now, I am writing a paper about American politics. This assignment is for student attending studying abroad in university of Maryland and American. I must hand in tomorrow…(>_<)

Friday, September 7, 2007

August 29~31

On August 29~31, I went to Ibaraki prefecture with my classmates. We stayed in my friend’s house. He has a dog named Pesuke, it was very cute.

On the first day, we went for a walk between rice fields. My friends enjoyed catching crawfishes.

After that, we enjoyed a barbecue in front of my friend’s house. Meats were very delicious.(*´▽`*) And his mother’s rice balls were delicious, too!

On the second day, we went to Hawaiians which has pool and hot springs. I had planed to go there, but I couldn’t go then, so I was very happy to go. There were water slides, and I tried them. But when I was on the one of them, WATER HORN, my swimming suit didn’t slide well, so I went down with my hand(^o^;)

At night, we congratulate two friends’ birthday (one of the friends is Fumiha!). We made video letters secretly for presents. And we enjoyed eating grapes and playing sparklers. I could take interesting pictures!

On the last day, we went to a restaurant to eat a big parfait, but I couldn’t eat because I felt sick then. That reminds me of my high school days because a restaurant near my high school has “King parfait”!!

I had a good time for three days. I could become closer with my friends!

Today, the Kanto area where I live is hit by a typhoon. It is raining heavily and there is a strong wind. I won’t be able to go out today…

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thursday, 28 August GARDEN

I belong to ADL (Aoyama Dancing Lovers), and ADL had “Garden”, dance festival on 28 august.

On the day before the festival, I and my friends practiced about 8 hours!

Our team’s turn was third, so I was very nervous. During performance, I danced too powerful, and I almost fell down. I wasn’t satisfied with my dancing because I couldn’t show the result of practice, but this was good experience for me. Some people said that we were cool, so I was happy.

Watching other person’s dancing, I was stimulated. I’d like to be fascinate people with my dance. I practice dancing harder from now on!!!!!