Sunday, August 19, 2007


At last I came back to Japan on Friday. Japan is more humid than Maryland. I miss being in Maryland. Before leaving for Maryland, I didn’t want to go to Maryland because of anxieties. But now, I am sick for Maryland.

These days, I am busy because I must practice dancing. I belong to a dancing circle and an event will be held on 28 August. So I won’t be able to update pictures for the time being...

I often dream that I am in Maryland. And I’d like to return to Maryland!!


Nina Liakos said...

Hi Kotomi! It was great to see your post. So you were anxious about the trip before you went, but I am glad we were able to calm your fears so that you could have fun, and now you are even homesick for Maryland! I hope you can return for a visit (or study) soon! What are your Maryland dreams about?

I am interested in the dancing club you belong to. What kind of dancing do you do? Please post a picture of your group dancing, with you in it, after the performance on Aug. 28.

Don't forget to change your time zone in Blogger, and to register for the Yahoo Group so we can stay in touch.

A big hug from Maryland,


Hiromi said...

Hello, Kotomi!
It's nice to know that you came back here safely. ^^ Did you sleep for long hours just like other members of AGU 007 did? Hahaha...

Anyway, GANBATTE for the dancing festival!

Ji Won said...

Oyomesan~ ^^,

I'm glad to see your post! For the past two days, I have also continuously dreamed about being with you all in D.C. It's sad that we're apart now, but time will pass by quickly and we'll be able to meet again soon! Until then, keep blogging and keep in touch, ok?

Good luck with dancing! Kakkoiii naaa~~

Ji Won

Laura said...

Kotomi, it sounds like you had to hit the ground running as soon as you got back to Japan! I know that you're busy, but I hope that you'll keep in touch :D

Dennis said...

Hello, Kotomi.

It's interesting to read of how your feelings about the trip to Maryland changed! I'm glad you returned to Japan with good memories.

Your dancing circle sounds fascinating! I'm sure you're busy getting ready for the event on August 28th. I hope you'll post some photos from that event in your blog!

Very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix